A Co-op Enhancement that works for you

Author: Trent Davis, Director, Marketing

Posted On: November 3, 2020

If you’re like most of our distributor partners, you’ve experienced these challenges with your marketing funds:

  1. Co-op you earned near year-end expires almost as quickly as it appeared in your account
  2. At the start of a new year, your co-op balance is zero, which makes it tough to fund marketing efforts

These challenges have a common cause: until now, the co-op funds you earned as a percentage of your purchases from Allied accrued and expired on a calendar-year basis. Any unspent dollars, whether they were earned in January or December, expired together at the stroke of midnight on December 31.

“While it made for a tidy fiscal close, the reality is it made your job tougher. Your business doesn’t reset when we flip to a fresh page on the calendar. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a big improvement to our co-op policy designed to eliminate those two issues.”

Allied Air’s co-op funds will now expire on a “12-month rolling” calendar basis. And we’re making the change retroactive to October 1, 2020.

What does this mean for Allied distributors?

  1. The co-op you earn in October, November, and December of this year will not expire at year-end – you start the new year with those funds in your pocket.
  2. Going forward, you’ll have 12 months to spend co-op dollars from the date they’re earned.

Distributor marketing contacts have received some detailed guidance on our updated funds policies via email. If you have additional questions, reach out to our marketing team.

We’re committed to being the easiest HVAC OEM to do business with. I’m confident this policy improvement will free you up to make smarter, more timely investments in driving your business.