ACHR News Podcast: Slash Replacement Time with Smart Technology

Author: Allied Air Enterprises

Posted On: September 28, 2021

90+ percent of unit replacements are traditional single stage units. Interested in a better solution for driving sales and improving customer satisfaction? Hear from Trent Davis, Director of Marketing for Allied Air Enterprises, as he joins the ACHR News podcast to discuss the dramatic compatibility and performance benefits of the new LYNX 18™ Inverter Heat Pump for your business.

In this episode, Trent dives deeper into what sets the LYNX 18™ Inverter Heat Pump apart in the market, how the technology benefits installers, and important features that improve homeowner excitement and product satisfaction. Listen now to discover how Allied Air Enterprises is providing application versatility and high-performance at a value that fits the average homeowner's budget with the potential to drive amazing business results.