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At Allied Air, we expect a lot from one another. It's an environment built on principles of collaboration, mutual success, and transparency, with the goal of growing our business through the success of our customers and people. Sound like the kind of team for you? Check open roles on our corporate jobs site at Lennox International.


Andrew headshot


Engineering Technician

Tenure: 26 years

Allied in one word: Integrity

"Everyone has an honest attitude about them -- they're straightforward. My peers have always been willing to help me and they were always honest about the answer that they gave me. Even if they didn't know, they were going to find out. That's what I appreciate."
Nick headshot


Sr. Marketing Manager

Tenure: 18 years

Allied in one word: Growth

"This is a great organization to be a part of. It's not just one business unit, it's residential, commercial, refrigeration and all the different opportunities they have, even from a global perspective if they have those kinds of aspirations."
Brooke headshot


Marketing Specialist

Tenure: 3 years

Allied in one word: Fantastic

"I've always said I wanted to work for a company or someone that I can stand behind, that created a product that I would want to buy myself. And our products are high quality and I would stand behind that. I already have some upward visibility within the company. When you are fresh out of college you don't think you're going to get that in your first six months on the job."
Dora headshot


Sales Engineer

Tenure: 4 years

Allied in one word: Family

"It's my responsibility to deliver the results. At the end of the day I have the support and I will have all the resources provided to me to be successful. Flexibility and creativity combined with the business' culture of openness, down to earthness and approachability is what makes us unique."
bob headshot

Bob - Retired after 45 years

PSI and Fulfillment Manager

Tenure: 45 years

Allied in one word: Rewarding

"We care about our customers' business, we work very hard to meet our customers' expectations, to fulfill their expectations. There's more of a true partnership where we can understand each other's business better, to help both sides of the partnership to grow and flourish, and to be successful. I think it's important for customers to know that that's part of our goal, and not just selling another unit, or maximizing our profits."


Plant Manager

Tenure: 1 year

Allied in one word: Partnership

“I value the support from leadership and the interaction as well as partnership with fellow employees throughout all levels of the organization.”
Shannon headshot


Sales Enablement Manager & Retired Military

Tenure: 6 years

Allied in one word: Exciting

"The military instills in its leadership the idea that authority is a tool used to fulfill your responsibilities. This authentic leadership, along with the dedication to intelligently make assessments, decisions, plans, execute those plans, and to internalize lessons learned, has translated well at Allied."


Customer Service Manager

Tenure: 2 years

Allied in one word: Adaptable

“The company provides a family atmosphere, flexibility, and growth opportunities.”


Manufacturing Engineer

Tenure: 7 years

Allied in one word: Pride

"We all want to succeed and you want your team to excel as well. You would never want to see someone be out of the loop when you could help them or help them succeed. Because eventually, if they succeed, we all succeed. I think we all share that same perspective here at Allied."
Mercedes headshot


HR Generalist

Tenure: 4 years

Allied in one word: Dynamic

"We are a family and every hand that touches every part and every finished product has a very personal value to it. I think that when you buy our product you're getting a piece of every employee that works there."


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We behave in an honest and straightforward manner.

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We respect our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, and the communities where we work and live.

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We value high performance from our employees and suppliers and quality in our products and services. We deliver value to our shareholders.


We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of every team member to hit their fullest potential. From the expansive virtual offerings housed in our LII Learning Center to our educational reimbursement program, we offer a variety of programs and resources to support the personal and professional development goals for all team members. Our total rewards package is designed to attract, retain and reward our team members for all they do and meet their ever changing needs.

We have a broad range of internship positions and permanent roles within engineering, marketing, sales, operations, manufacturing, accounting and more!