Distributors of Allied Air-Branded Products

Allied Air Enterprises, LLC (“Allied”) is dedicated to providing homeowners within the United States and Canada superior, high quality HVAC products. Allied has made significant long-term investments to ensure our brands and the products we manufacture including Armstrong Air™, AirEase™, Concord®, Ducane™, Allied™, Magic-Pak® and Allied Commercial™ (“our brands” or “products” or “product”) uphold those values. In order to protect those investments, we have established an online sales policy that protects the intrinsic value of Allied’s mainline brands by prohibiting their sale online, while making an exception for certain private-labeled products manufactured by Allied.

Wholesale distributors (“distributors”) of Allied products, defined as those customers with an executed purchase and supply agreement, may sell our products online subject to the following conditions:

  • Products branded Allied Air™, Armstrong Air™, AirEase™, Concord®, Ducane™, Allied™, Magic-Pak® or Allied Commercial™ may be sold through the internet to qualified HVAC contractors. They should not be marketed publicly for purchase by consumers
  • Sales through third-party marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, etc.) and auction sites (eBay, penny auction sites, etc.) are prohibited.
  • An exception is made for products that have been discontinued by the manufacturer for more than 12 months, in order to allow for effective liquidation.
  • Distributors must observe the regional distribution boundaries outlined in their Allied Air purchase and supply agreement
  • Reasonable measures should be implemented to ensure only qualified HVAC contractors purchase online
  • We recommend requiring purchasers to login to an authorized account to see pricing and place orders, with an account verification process to ensure they are in the trade
  • Distributors should not knowingly provide products branded Allied Air™, Armstrong Air™, AirEase™, Concord®, Ducane™, Allied™, Magic-Pak® or Allied Commercial™ to dealers or resellers who offer products for online sale to consumers.

Distributors or dealers offering a private-labeled equipment line manufactured by Allied Air Enterprises may sell online subject to the following conditions:

  • May not bid on any advertising keywords that are trademarks, model numbers, or product names of Allied, Lennox International or any if of its subsidiary companies.
  • Must notify and receive permission from Allied to sell Allied products on third-party marketplace websites.
  • Websites selling Allied products must clearly share the manufacturer’s warranty on the website.
  • Website selling Allied products must include prominent language requiring compliance with published installation instructions and compliance with all applicable local codes and laws.
  • Must not engage in “bait and switch” practices, such as advertising products that are not available in sufficient quantities or not available at the stated price with the intent or effect of switching potential purchasers to another product.